About Us

V-V Enterprises is an experienced source providing quality feed products to the dairy industry. Our background and understanding comes from generations of family owned and operated dairy farms. At V-V Enterprises we pride ourselves on superior products and prompt services, consistently delivering an array of feed commodities to meet the needs of a healthy herd.

Following years of experience in the dairy and feed industry, V-V Enterprises was founded in 1994 by David Van Vliet. With many family members still operating dairies today, we feel our understanding of the challenges dairy-farmers face gives us an advantage in fulfilling the needs of our clients.

We provide an array of quality products and are reliable in meeting the needs of dairy-farmers throughout California. Our clients enjoy prompt service and timely delivery to their facility, which has helped build V-V’s reputation for consistency. Our beliefs and standards are of the highest caliber and above all we strive to build trust and lasting relationships with our clients. Through honesty and an ability to maximize value on a per-cost basis, we have built a network of customers happy to call on V-V Enterprises for all of their feed requirements.


-Almond Hullers and Processors Association
-California Grain and Feed Association
-Almond Board of California Approved By-Product User
-Walnut Board of California
-American Pistachio Growers

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